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♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on, offering some of our best values of the year. this is the pursuit of perfection. >> is all hands on deck. (male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> round to could be over but the storm brought flooding, maude and power outages, even a round 2
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could be over, but they are trying to prevent water from point a to businesses speed it is not over yet to. and another storm coming, jacqueline bennett? >>jacqueline: we are going to get one more storm just what we saw this morning. rainfall totals over the past 24 hours have been pretty impressive. all were 3 in. and have miranda, 2 in. in petaluma, and nearly that much in dublin, as we take a look of the stormtracker 4 radar. some light showers continuing near santa rosa, highway 101, windsor. and towards concord, some rainfall earlier but it has been pressing to the east. taking a look of the satellite and radar we are continuing to see the northern california for this hour we are continuing to see this thumb of moisture. this band of march of a disturbing for
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northern california. we are still warm to see these showers. this low system with a branch off here bringing plenty of rainfall to the coastline. here is what we can expect with a spotty showers and mainly dry conditions on/off. it will be steady but much lighter than what we saw today. towards the sunday, heavy rainfall, gusting wind. you will time it out on futurecast with rainfall totals coming up in just a bit. >>pam: the north bay has been the hardest hit area so far... kron 4's dan kerman has more on damage ... this round of rain left behind. >> in the mill valley on friday night public works crews were still at it cleaning up the fallen leaves on the sycamore avenue. the fear that they would gather at this catch basin and clog.. leaving up water with no where to go. earlier request of the fallen leaves but fallen
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trees. the earlier that day, these huge trees split this limbs and half. but it was quite a surprise. before this the suv owner. >> i went to bed last night to run 1:00 and i did not hear the wind that bad. >> even though it looked pretty bad it was amazingly trouble. it was easier for the working crews to come in and break up the lambs with chainsaws. it was just the kind of day in petaluma, and wrecking of the-tree limbs with chain saws. businesses with that for fearing the worst. had the sand back spiralled high just in case. looking ahead, with the rest of the storms the ground could get more saturated with an additional trees coming down. santa landslides. in marin
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county, dan kerman, kron 4 news. with more landslides, possible tonight, the part of the. >> great highway along ocean beach in san francisco remains closed. kron four's philippe djegal explains why the department of public works says the roads are not safe. >> the southbound lanes of agreed highway are off- limits to tour drivers, bikers and pedestrians of the accord highway. and did the department of public works has closed it from slope to lincoln boulevard it will remain that way and definitely your to wet deep puddles in the middle of the roadway. the southbound lanes that are closest to the water. in order for the department of public works to 3-open that water is going to wrap to be drained off. the department of public works is going to walk up and down the roadways clearing out to
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trains. allowing the rainfall to train, a record but clearing of those dream drainage areas, and the rainfall is so bad that they're actually suggesting you've used sunset boulevard. phillipe djegal , kron 4 news. p-g-and-e crews are out in force all around the bay area.. they are trying to restore service to thousands of customers who lost power crews were out in one of the utilities four new mobile comand vechiles. they are outfitted with critical emergency equipment.. and the capabilities to communicate with law enforcement and fire agencies. kron-4's jeff bush is in larkspur.. with more on how p-g-and-e is handling the power outages. >> this pg&e crew is getting ready to restore power in this neighborhood in. it is still from friday's stormy.
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it is still dangerous work on any given day but imagine how the rain, the wind. >> our working crews are working extremely hard with a lot of long hours. heroic efforts to get the light specks on. for them, the driving and and very challenging to reduce the delights it-back on it. >> pg&e has thousands of working to on the power back on it. >> a 36 hour shift with an eight hour-shift. we have been walloped. >> pg nevis as most of the bay area pg&e-is a saying that more power outages are expected. jeff bush in larkspur, kron 4 news tonight...stanford and u-c- l-a battled it out in palo alto tonight for a spot in you who won later in
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sports... and while the weather did not get in the way of the certainly caused a few problems for fans. kron 4's j-r stone has details. banf >> it was second a day at the stanford that kind of day. >> on my way to my parking space my car got stuck in the mud. >> this was at nearly 1 ft.. and i helped. but that is the best part. >> i like how we were able to work it out. >> it was great teamwork. not just ours, but entire parties. >> this is our tailgate spot. if our entire party got relocated. >> it is not always like this? >> in fact i have never seen it like this in 45 years. stanford folks are all about staying dry even if it is not always look like that.
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if >> the only concern i have is that if it starts raining i do not see anything waterproof. >> we do have water proof. we have ponchos. >> i think he is the smartest one. >> i need one of those. >> and this looks new. >> it is brand new my wife got those waterproof shoes. with a 4 x 4, you are good to go. >> we can just plow right through it, just like stanford. j. r. stone, kron 4 news. >> new at 11... four fire stations in walnut creek, clayton, martinez and lafayette will close early next year under a cost-cutting plan. here are the 4 stations that will close... fire station number 4 on hawthorne drive in walnut creek. fire station number 11 on center avenue in clayton.
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fire station number 12 on shell avenue in martinez and fire station number 16 on los arabis avenue in lafayette. the closures come after voters in the contra costa fire district rejected measure q, which would have provided a temporary, seven-year parcel tax to fund the stations. the stations were chosen based on call volume and how close they are to other stations.
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new at 11... >> thousands of dollars worth of playstation 3s stolen from amazon dot com. thieves took the video game consoles from a new amazon distribution center in tennessee. detectives say the crooks made their way behind the center and breached the security seal on a cargo trailer, and cleaned it out. officials believe the crooks had help from the inside because they knew exactly which truck held the valuable game systems. police plan to monitor online auctions and trace any items sold by the serial numbers.
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>> hostess bakery.. the maker of twinkies - got the green light from a judge today.. to give its top executives... up to one -point -eight million dollars in bonuses. the company is winding down its operations after filing for bankruptcy .. its bakers union went on strike.. in earlier negotiations, the union had already taken pay cuts to help the company.. now hostess says, the incentive pay is needed to retain high -level officials during the bankruptcy process. in other hostess news.. the company is also in talks with 110- potential buyers ... all willing to pay top dollar for some of the company's product lines, which include twinkies, ho- hos and ding- dongs. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> the rain hits the bay it's not uncommon for traffic to back up like here on the 880 near decoto road this driver chose to follow behind a tow truck. the only problem with that she was driving on the shoulder >> (police): ford pickup, pull over when it rains in the bay common sence pretty goes out the window. the driver of the pickup claimed she had an emergency, at her restaurant. the driver in this white
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car was spotted weaving in and out of the carpool lane in the rain and get this he was a solo driver it's hard enough to navigate the roads whrn the weather is dry it's even more difficult when visibility is limited >> (police): pull forward after officer hunter from the hayward office of the chp had a talk with him it was my turn >> i was impatient , when i was in the right lane the car in front of me was going entirely too slow and i said let me go around over here and when i saw you all back there i said oh my goodness im going to get pulled over i can count on one hand just how many times drivers admit they were at fault i was wrong it was my fault im guilty the carpool lame is a pretty hefty ticket its something in the 4 or 5 hundred range don't remind me ok be careful i'n the rain
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officers also check for disables vehicles, this one was occupied the driver was waiting for his wife to arrive officer hunter instructed he to tell his wife to bring a child seat for the 3 year old that was in the back the rain also creates it's share of collisions this is four car finder bender where everyone pulled to the center divide it's never a good idea pull to the center divide, it was so dangerours i stayed inside the car a traffic break was created and everyone was moved to the shoulder .. to short out who was at fault it will help us all get to our destinations in one piece if every driver would slow down and be attentive drive to stay alive at the hawyard office of the chp stanley roberts, kron 4 news >> we could see heavy rounds of rainfall on the stormtracker 4 radar, we are still seeing some light rain
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but more rainfall expected for tomorrow. this satellite & righter that plume of marjorie is moving through the bay area. it is starting to sec to this south that plume of-moisture. starting to push to the south of the satellite & -- radar. as we can see this is a second system will bringing a lot of rainfall to the west coast. we will deal with that first and then that the second system, on sunday. taking a look at the concentration of rainfall in the north bay not quite that heavy. perhaps first light rainfall continuing early tomorrow morning. the atmosphere profile shows instability. with low top thunderstorms are not going to be severe but bursts of heavy rainfall. here, there, mainly in the north bay. by 9:00 a.m., still chances of
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showers as to go for tomorrow. still, i think that we are willing to see spotty showers for the bay area. for the later evening hours a bit of a break before the next round. and it and is approaching the north bay and widespread by sunday morning. spreading south to the golden gate. this is when the raiders game is supposed to start. however, heavy rains even that possible of a delayed the game. as i mentioned earlier, the flood watch has been pressed up. it was originally at monday 8:00 a.m. but now it is at a sunday evening. that heavy rainfall will be concentrated to the north bay and to the san mateo coast. fast heavy rainfall could last for several hours. with similar rainfall patterns today with one-3
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in.. a 3-7 in the mountains average dentils. it quoted state fair-in the mountains and the -- hills. but the still... conditions will be heavy through this year because the precipitation will be a warm sector of this storm it. at 9,000 ft. we are going to see more precipitation. as that presses through, the snowfall levels could drop. perhaps a light dusting on sunday. a look at your extended forecast with light showers and spotty showers for the afternoon. the big event will be on the sunday morning, gusting winds and thank goodness there is a break. >> in sports... the face of the giants 2009 world series champions is now a free agent... and stanford tries to get back to the rose bowl for the first time in thirteen years... gary's next with the pac-12 championship game
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highlights and the rest of the sports ♪
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>> good evening, everybody. stanford has not been to the rose bowl since 1972. stanford stadium, they are hosting a packed wall of vs.
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ucla the second time in the two weeks these guys have met, jonathan as it first. and he became the all the time a single season rushing leader. david shaw came right back. the brewers lead with kevin hogan a touchdown to drool. hogan through at 153 yds, jim steam could not catch up. stanford, field goal to go up by three, 34 seconds left, ucla will give it a go at 51 yds. stanford is going to go to the rose bowl. david shaw, the pac 12 coach of the year is going to await the winner of a big tent that nebraska or wisconsin. they will play the winner of the big tent. >> it is a great feeling. of the big 10 to be able to go to the rose bowl. >> there is stanford on new
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year's day at december 27th, washington d.c. san jose state. 10-2. but unfortunately, their orange grove 3,000 mi. away. difficult for their they are fresh-12 have to go 3,000 mi. away to play a bit american team. when you have not been to a bowl game since 20 06, good for them. something called the military ripple will welcome the spartans . ifthe san jose state spartan football team, led by coach mike macintyre, accepted an invitation to play in the military bowl on december 27th in washington d.c. played at rfk stadium. the 25th ranked spartans finished the season 10-2 in earning their first bowl appearance since 2006. a win in the military bowl would give san jose state it's first 11 win season in school history. the spartans opponent has not yet been determined. >> the raiders suspended linebacker rolando mcclain two games for "conduct detrimental to the team" the two game suspension will cost the 2010 first round pick $114,000 in salary. mcclain was kicked out of
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practice wednesday and thursday and coach dennis allen said he would endure, "consequences for his actions." mcclain is believed to have gotten into a heated exchange with coach allen this week, and it could be just a matter of time before he is released.. more ugly news for the 3-8 raiders: four players were fined $26,250 each for their roles in this pushing and shoving brawl sunday in the raiders who were fined are lamarr houston, tommy kelly, matt shaughnessy and desmond bryant. bengals tackle andrew whitworth was also fined - and a few days ago whitworth called the raiders, "cowards" for hitting him raiders host browns sunday in a blacked out game. >> 13-10, safe ignatius st. ignatius. >> perhaps she will go to bed school one day. and i will have to keep working. >> absolutely. it is not easy. >> you love everything moment of raising those beautiful moment of raising those beautiful children and
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coming into kron. >> right. brian wilson's 7 year run in >> san francisco will more than likely be coming to an end at 9pm tonight when the injured closer officially becomes a free agent. sources say the giants aren't prepared to tender wilson a contract before the 9pm deadline because they would have to pay him a minimum salary of $6.8 million. rumors are that the eccentric wilson, who is recovering from his 2nd tommy john surgery, would like to play in la with the dodgers >> good night, everybody.
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